An American company with German roots...

Our company is based in Glen Gardner, New Jersey and has been incorporated in August 2014.

Our team is a living example of the German-American partnership.

Our partners and staff are well educated and well experienced in the areas we are working for and we serving our clients.
We are the exclusive sales representative and distributers for the USA and Canada for a worldwide unique German product which is used in:

  • Agricultural and Farming industry
  • Livestock industry
  • Hog waste management
  • Animal waste management
  • Manure Treatment and Management
  • Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment
  • Composting facilities
  • Gardens and lawns
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Sportfields and Golfcourses

Based on natural materials like natural pure bitter salt, we found out how to activate natural aerobic bacterias, without adding further bacteria or synthetics. Produced by high experienced german engineers and scientists a organic product has been invented which its proving itself every day.

The Team for your success!

Max Schafer


Max Schafer

+1 (910) 594 0753
+1 (910) 594 0755

Nadine Schafer

Founder / COB

Nadine Schafer

Founder / COB
+1 (910) 594 0754
+1 (910) 594 0755

History and Mission

Max Schafer has been a successful businessman in the commodity and recycling industry for 20 years, owning and operating 9 companies throughout Germany and also one in Singapore.

With mutual trust in each others abilities and professionalism, the manufacturers of the EvoAktiv materials, Max and Nadine began a new dynamic business relationship. In January 2013 and January 2016, Max and Nadine got the exclusive sales rights for their products and so the new journey had begun.

With nothing but some kind words and support from their families and a handful of friends, Max made his first trip to the United States, leaving his wife and infant child at home as he entered EvoAktiv in to the US market.

After a few months and countless nights sleeping in the car, Max managed to make EvoAktiv’s first contacts and made his first sale.

Beginning of 2014, the entire family traveled from state to state advertising EvoAktiv!

In September 2014, the main office was opened in Glen Gardner, NJ.
In March 2016 the main office moved to Newton Grove, NC.

We are doing well and with each month business is picking up. We are on the right track and helping other companies become more successful in their businesses and making this planet a safer and cleaner place for everyone.

EvoAktiv is a family of advanced German products that increases profitability for our customers while redefining day by day the true meaning of green technology.

Service, commitment, sustainability and integrety will be our focal points today and every tomorow.