EvoAktiv is a Biotech company which launched already a family of advanced state of the art products that increases profitability for our customers while redefining day by day the true meaning of green technology.

You can use EvoAktiv’s products for your benefit to:

  • Boost microbial activity on crops, plants and vegetables
  • Create lawns without synthetics
  • Create clean ponds and lakes
  • Promote beneficial microorganisms activity
  • Help to dissolve organic solids, fats, oil and greases in waste water

Start to activate natural beneficial biology with our unique and economical family of products from EvoAktiv!

All our products are based on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials

Most of our products are registered for organic farming.

EvoAktiv products promote beneficial biology activity, without adding harmful chemicals, synthetics or GMO’s to the above mentioned elements.

EvoActivation is a natural, highly effective and economical for your home and Garden, agricultural and industrial activities.